Seacoast Hockey Officials strives for excellence and demands professionalism from all our Members; Referees, Scorekeepers and our Staff. Client satisfaction and meeting expectations is our #1 priority. If you are looking for an association to just "FILL" your assignments with Referees and/or Scorekeepers, Seacoast is not for you!

Give us your schedule and we will take care of the rest! Remove the stress of finding your Referees and/or Scorekeepers and let Seacoast get the job done while giving you access to view all your assignments.

Be confident in hiring S.H.O. to assign your league, tournament, or single event. Our Assignors are proficient, swift and go the extra to mile to ensure a faultless event. Our client testimonials will prove we are not just another association, but THE Association to trust!

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S.H.O. offers Officials throughout the United States for all levels of hockey, from youth through adult recreational.

Seacoast referees are experienced at the highest levels. Our seasoned referees currently or have worked; Juniors (tier 1-3), NCAA D1 & D3, Minor Professional Hockey - SPHL, ECHL, AHL and International.

For our newer Members, S.H.O. offers "Beginner" Seminars, which include classroom and on-ice education. Our staff are USA Hockey District Supervisors, NCAA and Professional Referees. Our job is to make sure Members are properly prepared and confident to officiate any level game for our Clients.

The Association is treated as a professional-level group and expect all Members to treat the position as such. Expectations are to promote safety and fair competitions in all Client games.

Need to make sure that clock is running?! Stats being collected? No need to stress - we got you covered.

Seacoast assigns Scorekeepers throughout the US to all levels of hockey year round!

Clients are asked to share a SOP and / or go over duties of the Scorekeeper over a video meeting to score your event. Once Seacoast has your expectations, we take care of the rest.

S.H.O. recruits and trains our Scorekeepers to cover your event with whatever duties are requested to be done; Manage the Clock, Game Sheet, Announcing, Music - we can do it all!

Our Scorekeepers are hired and trained to be the "Off-Ice Official", our 3rd Official on the team. They are the additional eyes and ears in each game they work and are vital in helping our Referees. We are proud to have current Scorers in our group that work as "Off-Ice Officials" for high levels of hockey in the NCAA and Minor Pro levels, who help train our other Members. Rest easy and know our Scorers will not be sleeping in the booth!


Player Safety

Have a league or upcoming event that needs supervision of players and the safety of all on the ice? Do not want to be the "bad guy" and upset your customers?

Seacoast Hockey Officials offers the services of being your Department of Player Safety! We will investigate an altercation and send out personal suspension letters or hold in-person meetings at your event.

Neutral Party with Professional Experience. Sleep well knowing that we have no "ties" with any players and make the best decision for your event. DOPS is operated by Staff who have or currently work and play at NCAA and Professional levels. We are able to review a situation and look at both sides before making a final decision.

Educate. We will not just suspend a player. Communication and understanding is important to prevent future altercations. We will properly explain our decisions and share our feedback to players to better the game and your event!

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