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Become a S.H.O. Scorekeeper!

Why join Seacoast as a Scorekeeper?


Sure, you can be a scorekeeper for many different associations or "groups", but why do we recommend you work for Seacoast over others?  Simple! Assigning our client games are not our only priority. Your well-being, knowledge and advancement as an Off-Ice Official is just as important to our Association. 

Seacoast Hockey Officials assigns our Off-Ice Officials to all levels of hockey, ranging from youth hockey to junior hockey. While we do not hold Collegiate or Professional level contracts, until we do, your advancement to these levels is our success. 

S.H.O.'s staff within our Department of Off-Ice Officiating are all experienced and highly educated to train and teach our team of scorekeepers to be the best at their position. Whether you strive to work higher levels or just want to make some extra side money, we will make sure you are trained to make your games easy and stress free. 

Lastly, Seacoast offers work year-round in multiple regions throughout the country. Sunday - Friday adult hockey leagues in the evenings, youth and adult tournaments over weekends and junior hockey games, September - April. 

Seacoast Hockey Officials is the best choice to be a scorekeepers. Staff that wants to make you better, offer more work and best rates. It is a no brainer to be part of THE SHO!


P.O. Box 133, Plaistow, NH, 03865

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